Examination MOP 1-2-3 instructor education 2009 – Inki Sjösten


The aim of the examination:

- To sum up the course and practically repeat the most important things

- Those who have joined the course all week-ends (one day off can be acceptable) can get the certificate named MOP 1-2-3

- To show the behaviour and ability of a MOP instructor

- To change ideas how to proceed in Poland the MOP training using book + work plan + DVD

- Opinions about working a net work between Fundacja Psia Wachta + SRI Publication AB + MOP instructors of this course


The way of examination:

- Magda takes care of one group and Inki one group (more practical training will be)

- All the examination will be outside

- Time for every exercise about 20 minutes

- Participants work two by two

- Training with the participants and their dogs after how much time is available (depends on what training)

- Lottery for the couples and groups

- One dog in every couple otherwise we change the lottery

- After every performance all together write down what was good and what can be better. This will be told about inside at the end of the day


Magda´s group

09.30 Couple 1 and 11.30 couple 5

Plan pracy I-1 (four-leaf clover) and I-3 (no jumping)

10.00 Couple 2 and 13.00 couple 6

Plan pracy I-6 (recall)

10.30 Couple 3 and 13.30 couple 7

Plan pracy P-1 (passivity) and P-5 (down at a distance)

11.00 Couple 4 and 14.00 couple 8

Training of Klasa 0:

1. Socjalizacja

2. Waruj lub said 1 min

3. Chodzenie przy nodze (no leash)

14.45 Inside for termination


Inki´s group

09.30 Couple 5 and 11.30 couple 1

Training of Klasa 0:

4. Przywolanie (recall)

5. Skok przez przeszkode (jump) without body help

6. Zmiany pozycji (distance control)

10.00 Couple 6 and 13.00 couple 2

Planning and training of 4 track according to Plan pracy G-6

10.30 Couple 7 and 13.30 couple 3

Planning and training of 4 dogs according to Plan pracy G-7

11.00 Couple 8 and 14.00 couple 4

Planning and training of 4 dogs of preexercises of Raportowanie MOP 3 page 22 left

14.45 Inside for termination