AIM 1 instructor course 2010
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   AIM 1 part 1   15-16-17th of January 2010

   Home work

   AIM 1 part 2     5-6th of June 2010


Six approved instructors AIM 1
- general obedience and mental activation - after examination   on the 6th of June 2010 by Inki Sjösten.

Course ledar was Roberto Rossi.

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Roberto and Inki in the sunshine on the 6th of June 2010

Giorgia D'Annibale
Centro Cinofilo Sprint Dog

Simona Passaretta
Centro Cinofilo Wild River

Michela Marubbio
Centro Cinofilo Wild River

Alice Jankovic
Centro Cinofilo Wild River
Giorgio Mugione
Centro Cinofilo Idefix
Roberto Stevanella
Centro Cinofilo Idefix

Pictures from the training of mental activation in the lovely woods:

The group in the woods for traning of mental activation.

The training area

Lunch for Inki

and Roberto

and Simone

and Sandra

and Michela

and Georgio and Roberto

and Giorgia

and Alice.

More pictures from the examination at Wild river    

The couple of Wild River - Roberto and his Sandra

Giorgio and his boxer

Alice with bc

Michela and her bc

Roberto with his tervueren

Sandra the photograph

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