Dog Mentality Assessment(DMA)
Part 1

Part 1 is meant for dog owners who want to know more about behaviour of dogs in test situations.

This video can be used for example at following events:
* Courses about dog mentality
* Breeders meetings
* Courses for instructors
* Competence development in general
* Dog-owner-courses for understanding
  of dog behaviour

* Information before testing your own

This video presents the following moments:
Contact * Play 1 * Chase * Activity * Distance play * Surprise * Sudden noise * Ghosts * Play and gunshot.

In the video we see " Dixie" (tervueren-bitch born 18.2.96) together with its owner Miss Tiina Nyberg.

This video was produced at Tullinge on the 28-29th of June 1997. 

It was produced by The Swedish Working Dog Association and SRI Publication AB.

Colour PAL 17 min.