Dog Mentality Test 2007 (DMT)

Dog Mentality Test 2007 has been created within the Swedish Working Dog Association - the committee for dogs´mentality. The test is valid from 01-01-2007.

A project group with Mr. Roland Sjösten as the leader, has worked with the contents and the performance.

In Dog Mentality Test 2007 new test situations and ideas are presented. In this film is shown how a dog reacts at all the test situations.

Test situations:
1. Willingness to make contact
2. Competition of objects
3. Grabbing at a distance
4. Chasing - Staying power
5. Herd instinct
6. Social interaction
7. Surprise
8. Sudden noise
9. Sleigh
10. Gun shot

It was produced by The Swedish Working Dog Association and SRI Publication AB.

Colour PAL 21 min.